Introducing Tuning Forks

Introducing Tuning Forks

Back in May, a friend and I attended the Animal Energy World Conference in Manchester. Whilst we were there we learned a hole host of amazing things, one being all about sound therapy.

Both my friend and I purchased a set of tuning forks that weekend and mine have sat on a shelf in my living room since that weekend.

The kids have played with them a fair bit and I have taken them into school to use during our Year 6 SAT meditation mornings, however I had not really ventured any where  near the horses with them, which was my intention.

Tonight, I went out to the yard hoping to do some Reiki on Cracker, however he had other ideas. He wasn’t really feeling the vibe and just wandered away each time I tried to lay my hands around him. So I decided to give the tuning forks ago.

To say he was intrigued is an understatement. As you can see from the video he was very curious about the sound and chose to stay near by the whole time I played them. 

He showed signs of relaxation at times and was quite happy for the forks to be moved around him.

At the end I was able to place the wooden handle on him and play the fork. The vibrations were quite strong on his body and yet he chose to stand for a good minute or so to let the vibrations run through his body.

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