Welcome to my passion, where I love to go and hide away from all the stresses and strains of everyday life (and kids – oh and husband!!!)

This is where I am at my most comfortable and my most confident. Scroll down to meet the clan and find out what I can offer.


Meet Edward, the chestnut on the right. Ed for short, unless he’s naughty then he gets his full Sunday name! I purchased Ed at the young age of 3 years old when he had been backed slightly by a lovely lady who had taught him to take treats from her mouth – :-0

He arrived, full of beans and promptly nearly took me out as he had to walk down a step to get to the stable he would be kept in – guess he’d not seen one of those before as he leapt 6ft in the air to get down it!

After falling off numerous times, once cracking my hip, I decided that Ed and I may have to part ways but I wasn’t one to give up! In comes natural horsemanship!

(More on that later!)

The cheeky little dude on the left is Cracker, Beeftub Cracker as his official documentation names him.

Cracker was bought when he was just 6 months old, newly weaned from his mummy. Another handful of craziness when he arrived and trashed every set of electric fencing that I had in the field – he hadn’t met that before!

Bought for my two boys and for me to have a go at backing etc he happily spends his time in the field being looked at and occasionally groomed. The boys have no interest – yet!!!! 😉

A loveable rogue who likes nothing more to please and a fabulous friend for Ed. 


Now this is Jasper. 

Jasper is our smaller bundle of fun, a LhasaJack with a set of teeth that we adore!

He is the most friendly, loveable, happy dog that you could have and he is amazing with the boys.

A great character and will give anyone a love!!

How can I help?

Essential Oils

My knowledge and exploration in essential oils has naturally continued into the equine and canine world. 

I have used oils to help Edward to relax before loading into the horsebox and have also used oils pre and post heavy workouts along with massage techniques that I have learned at various courses.

I have also made my own fly spray and thrush treatment using all natural materials.

In this video you can see me introducing an oil called Valor to Cracker – as you may tell, he quite liked it!

I also use natural products to help clean the yard and keep it critter free. This is a safer alternative to using harsh chemicals like bleach and other products in the stables which can then be inhaled  into the horses lungs. They are also much nicer smelling too and using them helps keep our systems free from harm as well as the horses!


If you would like to find out more about using essential oils for our four legged friends for specific needs or just in general then I would be happy to talk about how they can be used and how you can use them safely. 

Jasper is a little bit nervous of loud noises, bangs and beeps. 

Fireworks and fire alarms are not his favourite thing and he goes a little shaky and wobbly and tends  to sit on your head!

In this picture Jasper is relaxing and aiming his nose towards an open bottle of Peace and Calming oil as there were some fireworks going on near our house.

He has spent a good half an hour shaking when I got this out and he relaxed within ten minutes and went to sleep. Bless him.

Natural Horsemanship

When I got Ed he was a hot headed chestnut who was really pushy and didn’t have any respect for your personal space. 

He didn’t understand boundaries or pressure so when he decided to pull away from me when he was being long lined and consequently run in fear up a long driveway towards a road (thankfully someone was there and sent him back again) I decided that something needed to be done!

At that point Natural Horsemanship wasn’t as wide spread as what it is today and the only thing i knew about was Monty Roberts. So Dually was purchased and we began. Slowly, things began to change.

Then I discovered Parelli. I purchased the DVD’s and equipment needed, saught some local clinics and like minded people and my journey into natural horsemanship took off!

Ed became a changed horse. 

You can see him here working at Liberty. I hadn’t done much with him at this point as we had had some time off for me growing babies but he hadn’t forgotten anything, in fact he was even better!!

I passed my Online Levels 1, 2 and 3 and my Freestyle 2 then children got in the way!!! 

We have also dabbled with clicker training and here you can see Cracker learning to touch the target on cue.

Cracker is a lovely little chap but he also needed to be taught boundaries and as you can maybe tell in the video when food is around he likes to get very close!

Clicker training taught him that shoving his nose in your pocket was certainly not acceptable!!

If you are interested in developing the bond that you have with your horse through natural horsemanship then I can help with that or if there is something specific that you would like help with then feel free to get in touch.

I also hold and host clinics occasionally at my yard on topics such as horse agility, Masterson Method, using essential oils safely, confidence clinics, gate handling and other fun topics. 

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